Wagner’s Lohengrin

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Course: Wagner’s Lohengrin
Tutor: Terry Barfoot
Start Date: 16th March 2018
Start Time: Dinner
End Date: 18th March 2018
End Time: Lunch
Res Fee (from): £321.00
Non Res Fee: £215.00 What's included?

With Wagner's career and subsequent reputation, opera reached the peak of its influence upon Western intellectual life, extending beyond music to the spoken drama and other literary forms, as well as to philosophy and psychology. Wagner's ideal was the perfect fusion of all the arts, in order to achieve the greatest degree of insight and truth. In Lohengrin (Weimar, 1850), he sought to let plot and characters evolve in a way that was dramatically convincing and musically cohesive. The mood of expressive longing is appropriate since the story concerns the knight of the Holy Grail, Parsifal's son, who descends from Montsalvat in search of earthly love, to seek, in Wagner's words, 'a woman who would believe in him and love him as he was'. Thus the plot deals with that favourite preoccupation of the German Romantics, the conflict between the human world and the supernatural, and the achievement of redemption through sacrifice. Our weekend will explore the music and drama of this great opera, using illustrations from modern recordings including DVD with large screen. 

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Terry Barfoot

image of Tery Barfoot

Terry Barfoot is a well-known figure in the musical life of southern England, who has written widely about music and opera, and is Publications Consultant to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. He has lectured, for example, at the British Library, the Austrian Cultural Forum, Opera Holland Park, the Royal Opera House, the Three Choirs Festival and at Oxford University, where last year he gave a series of lectures on Sibelius. His latest book, a History of Music written for Omnibus Press, was published in October 2014.

Terry is Vice President of the Arthur Bliss Society, the Havant Orchestras, Southampton Music Club and Portsmouth Baroque Choir, and an Honorary Member of the Berlioz Society. With his own company, Arts in Residence, he promotes musical events at agreeable locations throughout Britain and in Europe, and recently led visits to Prague, Leipzig, Vienna, Amsterdam and Berlin. He is a regular visitor to Dillington.

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