Surf’s Up! – Sing the Beach Boys

Course: Surf’s Up! – Sing the Beach Boys
Tutor: Jo Sercombe
Start Date: 2nd April 2020
Start Time: 9.45am
End Time: 4.00pm
Fee: £56.00 What's included?

Known for their musical homages to surfing, cars and romance, the Beach Boys achieved success early in their career with a string of songs celebrating 60s youth culture on the West Coast of America. Their distinctive close-harmony vocal sound, laid-back grooves and easy-living lyrics describe a world that we would all like to escape to now and then, so why not immerse yourself in the sounds of a Californian summer with this fun and accessible group-singing workshop. We'll be doing some harmony singing but you don’t need to be able to read music notation as we will be learning our parts ‘by ear’ with lyric sheets. All levels of experience welcome. 

Tutor Information

Jo Sercombe

Jo Sercombe is a music graduate from Southampton University and Goldsmith’s University, London. She works locally and nationally as a vocalist, Musical Director and workshop leader and is particularly keen to make singing accessible to all, regardless of skill or experience. Her busy workshops schedule is a testament to her flair for encouraging creativity in others as she travels the country working with adult singing groups, community choirs, schools and colleges, businesses and leisure-time learning institutions. She’s even taken to singing upon the high seas, working with world cruise passengers sailing round the Far East and the Caribbean! Closer to home, she founded and directs the Bath Community Gospel Choir and the LIFTED all-female gospel group, is a lecturer in Choral Voice Work for Actors at Bath Spa University, gigs regularly as a jazz singer and is President of the Priston Music Festival.

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