Philosophy:The Good Life

Course: Philosophy:The Good Life
Tutor: Darren Harper
Start Date: 13th March 2020
Start Time: Dinner
End Date: 15th March 2020
End Time: Lunch
Res Fee (from): £346.00
Non Res Fee: £232.00 What's included?

‘The life truly worth living is the considered life’, said Socrates, two and a half millenia ago. Socrates meant a life that was well informed and has goals which will benefit both oneself and society. The Good Life, ergo, allows us to grow autonomously, and rather than be dictated to by duty, empower us to live a full and flourishing life. Beginning with the Ancients, taking a whistle stop through the Renaissance, and then summarising with the Modern, this course will give us a taste of the Good Life from some of the greatest minds that reflect upon it.

Tutor Information

Darren Harper has a first class honours degree in English & Creative Writing, a PGCE and is currently working towards an MA in Philosophy. He has taught courses in Philosophy, Literature and Creative Writing at Higham Hall residential college in Cumbria, as well adult education classes in Carlisle.

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I came to Somerset to talk about Socrates and his search for the good life. And in many ways I found it incarnated in Dillington House. Here there is a love of beauty and truth. To find a sympathetic venue with an exquisitely rich history, open to all and encouraging debate, creativity and a passion for life is exactly the kind of thing that would have made Socrates smile. I can't wait to come back. Bettany Hughes