Peacemaking 1919-1923: A Flawed Peace Settlement?

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Course: Peacemaking 1919-1923: A Flawed Peace Settlement?
Tutor: Edward Towne
Start Date: 10th May 2019
Start Time: Dinner
End Date: 12th May 2019
End Time: Lunch
Res Fee (from): £328.00
Non Res Fee: £220.00 What's included?

This course, suitable for all levels, begins with the international mood at the end of the Great War in 1918 – especially the USA’s 14 points for a just peace. We then look at the various treaties between 1919 and 1923, and the fate of efforts to set up permanent peacemaking provisions upto 1931. Why did the work of 1919-1923 fail?

Tutor Information

Edward Towne

Edward Towne won Oxford University’s Beit Prize in Imperial History in 2001. He has taught history in schools since 1973 and has contributed to two “A” Level History textbooks: The Tudor Years (Hodder Headline 1994, second edition 2004), and Years of Turmoil, a textbook on seventeenth century England, (Hodder Headline, 1998). He leads study tours to France for the Historical Association and is founding chairman of their Dining Group, which meets in Central London five times a year and has been an Honorary Fellow of the Historical Association since 2011.

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