News from the Fronts - The Start of the Last Hundred Days

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Course: News from the Fronts - The Start of the Last Hundred Days
Tutor: Mike Shaw
Start Date: 25th July 2018
Start Time: 09.45am
End Time: 4.00pm
Fee: £54.00 What's included?

This standalone day course is one of a rolling series covering the centenary of events as they unfolded during the Great War. Each course starts with a strategic overview across all Theatres thus highlighting the immediate problems confronting the leadership of the major belligerents. Thereafter the course will consider the prosecution of ongoing operations and how these were reported in the Press.

By July 1918 French initiatives orchestrated by Marshal Foch had led to German withdrawals from their Marne salient. This set the scene for a British offensive into the Amiens salient.
On 8 August 1918 the British Army with its Canadian and Australian Corps in the van launched an assault on German positions,
the result of which was later described by Ludendorff as ‘the black day of the German Army’. The Battle of Amiens finally broke the crust of trench warfare and heralded the Last Hundred Days of mobile warfare. Of more lasting significance was that on the first few days of the battle the British Army executed and sustained the prototype of mechanised warfare later to be developed by the Germans as Blitzkrieg.

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Mike Shaw

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Mike Shaw was a regular soldier for over 30 years and has been a keen historian all his life. As an ex-senior officer he has an insider's view on how both Whitehall and the military make their decisions. He is an expert on how technology and tactics interact - more importantly however, is the way he tells the story!

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