The Real Ludwig Van Beethoven with Phil Grabsky

Lecture: The Real Ludwig Van Beethoven with Phil Grabsky
Lecturer: Phil Grabsky
Start Date: 9th February 2020
Start Time: 2.30pm
End Time: Tea
Tickets: £14.00

Beethoven is undoubtedly one of the greatest composers of all time – for some he is the greatest. Yet he is much misunderstood. Phil Grabsky is a multi-award-winning filmmaker who having made a box office smash hit film about the ‘real’ Mozart then went on a search for the ‘real’ Beethoven. His film ‘IN SEARCH OF BEETHOVEN’ was met with rave reviews and played in some cinemas around the world for months. Phil will be with us at Dillington (and not for the first time) to show us some clips and pick apart some of the myths and misunderstandings that need to be corrected. In doing so, we can appreciate this extraordinary composer and performer even more.

Tickets £14 (includes tea and cake)
Pre-booked carvery lunch available at £18

Lecturer Information

Phil Grabsky

Phil Grabsky

Phil Grabsky is a multi award-winning documentary film-maker. With a film career spanning 25 years, Phil and his company Seventh Art Productions make films for cinema, television and DVD.

In cinemas, Phil’s films have been a great success: in Australia, for example, both In Search of Mozart and In Search of Beethoven have entered the all-time top grossing documentaries. Among Phil’s many other films are one-offs for BBC strands ‘Timewatch’ and ‘Reputations’ as well as major series such as Channel 4‘s ‘Spain – in the Shadow of the Sun’ and ‘The Great Commanders’, BBC’s ‘I Caesar’ and Five & Sky Arts’s ‘Tim Marlow’ arts strand. Phil has also made six award-winning history films with Monty Python’s Terry Jones. Working with co-director David Bickerstaff, he has also completed the acclaimed short documentary Heavy Water: a Journey to Chernobyl, which uses Mario Petrucci’s poetry to explore the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Two more co-directed films with David Bickerstaff are Making War Horse - a film following the production of the smash theatre hit War Horse and The Making of Swallows and Amazons – the Bristol Old Vic Sets Sail. Both films featured on Channel 4. Recently completed is In Search of Haydn and in production are In Search of Chopin and Piano Notes – An Utterly Partial History of the Piano with Ronald Brautigam. Phil and Ben Harding also recently made the world’s first 3d visual arts film: Tim Marlow on British Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts. More recently he was behind the ground-breaking Leonardo Live – a global first in bringing the Leonardo da Vinci National Gallery Exhibition live to cinemas and television throughout not only the UK but the world. Phil has also written four history books, including the best-seller The Great Commanders, and is regularly involved as a judge for the Emmys, Bafta, Grierson and One World awards. He has been himself awarded numerous personal awards including an RTS for ‘Services to Television’ and a Voice of the Listener and Viewer Award for ‘Services to Education’. This year Phil has already won the Grand Prix Best Film Award in Warsaw, Best Documentary of the Year from the Royal Television Society (Southern) and has just been shortlisted for three One World Media Awards.

for further information about Phil Grabsky visit his website http://www.seventh-art.com/

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As a film-maker, I travel the world but few places offer such repose, intellectual stimulation and comfort. I can't wait to come back. My hat is most certainly off to all the hard-working team at Dillington. Their commitment to high quality service and programme innovation is truly remarkable. I thoroughly recommend it! Phil Grabsky