Music, Masonry and Manuscripts: An Inspirational Journey Through Medieval Englan

Lecture: Music, Masonry and Manuscripts: An Inspirational Journey Through Medieval Englan
Lecturer: Mark Cottle
Start Date: 6th March 2020
Start Time: 1.00pm
End Time: 3.00pm
Tickets: £25.00

The music, architecture and manuscript illumination of medieval England are among the greatest acheievements of any period of English cultural history. The aim of the lecture is to open a window onto this remarkable world to capture something of the essence of its religion and secular music, its Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals and its equally rich span of manuscript illumination, both sacred and profane. Essentially imspirational and aspirational, these are forms of artistic endeavour which can touch the sublime. All-comers welcome.

Lecturer Information

Mark Cottle

Mark Cottle

Mark Cottle was born in the Scilly Isles, educated at Truro School in Cornwall and a graduate of Birmingham University with a Masters Degree in late Medieval History, Mark has spent over 20 years lecturing in Anglo-Saxon, Medieval and Tudor history in further and higher education.

He started Exploring History in 2001, chiefly as a kind of personal crusade against the ever-increasing decline of medieval history in formal education. Exploring History is about bringing back a sense of the fascination with the richness, achievement and even mystery of a remarkable period in English history. Mark does this by holding Study-Breaks and Illustrated Talks to which he brings his own brand of enthusiasm, knowledge and skills as a communicator.

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