Images from the Edge with Brian Anderson

Lecture: Images from the Edge with Brian Anderson
Lecturer: Brian Anderson
Start Date: 15th March 2020
Start Time: 2.30pm
End Time: Tea
Tickets: £14.00

Join Brian Anderson, Dillington lecturer and photographer, who returns with the latest talk from his Images from the Edge series. In ‘More Cold Snaps 2019’ we visit Japan’s iconic Snow Macaques, monkeys that live in the country's wintry mountains; land on Franz Josef Land and see its unique High Arctic flora and fauna, see the Chinstrap penguins on Antarctica's Half Moon Island and sail through the Weddell Sea with its awesome icebergs. Don't miss this new, exciting talk, richly illustrated with Brian's stunning photography. This is a must for armchair travellers and all lovers of nature.

Tickets £14 (includes tea and cake)
Pre-booked carvery lunch available at £18

Lecturer Information

Brian Anderson is a lecturer, adventurer and architect, based on the Wirral. He has travelled to over 50 nations and territories in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and further afield to the Geographic North Pole and Antarctica, to capture landscape, wildlife and travel images. In addition to giving illustrated talks on these trips, Brian lectures on great explorers, the visual arts, travel and wildlife photography and the history of early photography. Brian’s images and articles have been published in travel brochures, international websites and UK photographic journals and lifestyle magazines. For further information visit Brian’s website www.andersonimages.co.uk.

CLICK HERE to view a video showcasing Brian's work


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