Easter Island – The Navel of the Earth with Brian Anderson

Lecture: Easter Island – The Navel of the Earth with Brian Anderson
Lecturer: Brian Anderson
Start Date: 12th April 2019
Start Time: 1.00pm
End Time: 3.00pm
Under 18s: £25.00 What's included?

Easter Island is one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands, located in the Pacific, over 2000 miles west of Chile in South America. Ever since the island was discovered by the outside world on Easter Sunday in 1772, it has generated countless myths and theories about its people and the mysterious Moai, the ‘tall, monstrous statues’ – echoes of a tough and turbulent past.
Illustrated with stunning images from his trip to Easter Island, Brian describes the early Polynesian settlers and the purpose of their enigmatic statues, plus the island’s wildlife and landscapes. This talk is not to be missed by armchair travellers, those interested in history and geography, and all lovers of nature and wilderness.

Includes a three course lunch

Lecturer Information

Brian Anderson is a lecturer, adventurer and architect, based on the Wirral. He has travelled to over 50 nations and territories in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and further afield to the Geographic North Pole and Antarctica, to capture landscape, wildlife and travel images. In addition to giving illustrated talks on these trips, Brian lectures on great explorers, the visual arts, travel and wildlife photography and the history of early photography. Brian’s images and articles have been published in travel brochures, international websites and UK photographic journals and lifestyle magazines. For further information visit Brian’s website www.andersonimages.co.uk.

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I had a wonderful afternoon at Dillington House - exactly the sort of audience that authors hope for when speaking about their books. The questions were not only well informed but enabled me to fill in the gaps left by my original talk. I look forward to going back. Lord Hattersley