The Rebellious County of Catalunya

Course: The Rebellious County of Catalunya
Tutor: Chris Pollard
Start Date: 3rd April 2020
Start Time: Dinner
End Date: 5th April 2020
End Time: Lunch
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The story of Catalunya is the story of one of the most important and fascinating nations in Western Europe. For several centuries it has (more or less) formed part of Spain, a fact that still leads to much, well known, controversy. In the 11th century it was a proud, culturally advanced nation. The first Counts of Catalunya became the Kings of Aragon whose Kingdon stretched as far as southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. Join us as we explore the history and culture of this great nation. We focus on its role in the Medieval world, its reluctant fusion with Castile to form Spain and its volatile relationship with its neighbour ever since. We shall travel around its great capital Barcelona and visit other remarkable Catalan cities including Girona and Tarragona. We listen to the revolutionary music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and the brilliance of its 20th-century composers including Albeniz and Granados. We read some of the earliest poetry in Europe and admire the architecture of the Catalans from the incomparable medieval cathedrals to the genius of the Modernistas, including Antoni Gaudi. We spend some time in the city of Picasso, Miro and Dali. And, of course, we shall discuss the present political crisis in Catalunya which has resulted in many Catalan leaders finding themselves in prison and their leader in exile.
If this weekend whets your appetite do not hesitate to join us on Sunday afternoon as we set off to spend our nights in Barcelona.

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Chris Pollard

Chris Pollard

Chris Pollard is a West Country man. He was educated in Devon and Durham, taught English in Spain and Spanish in Somerset. He has translated and directed for the stage and was a professional actor for three months. He lectures primarily on Hispanic matters and leads historical and cultural tours of Spain as well as leading language classes. In 1990 he set up Pollard Tours which has operated successfully for over 20 years and received plaudits from every quarter.  

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