Concert with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet

Concert: Concert with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet
Start Date: 17th November 2019
Start Time: 10.45am
End Time: 1.00pm
Tickets: £15.00
Under 18s: £8.00 What's included?

Tickets £15 (under 18s £8)
Arrival at 10.45am for coffee
We welcome you to our first Coffee Concert, after which it will also be possible to enjoy a traditional Sunday lunch.

On the special occasion occasion the Brass Quintet formed from members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra will demonstrate their solo and ensemble skills in a varied programme spanning five centuries of music, from Tallis and Bach to traditional folk melodies, from operatic transcriptions to arrangements of popular song and jazz.

Coffee, concert and carvery lunch deal available at £30.
This event has been made possible by generous sponsorship from a group of Dillington Friends.

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