The History of World Exhibitions and Fairs 1851 – the Present

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Course: The History of World Exhibitions and Fairs 1851 – the Present
Tutor: Mike Hope
Start Date: 12th April 2019
Start Time: Dinner
End Date: 14th April 2019
End Time: Lunch
Res Fee (from): £328.00
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In 1851 the Great Exhibition in London, saw the development of a worldwide phenomenon of the greatest cultural, political and social importance. From the Great Exhibition there followed dozens and dozens of international fairs and exhibitions such as the many Paris exhibitions including 1867, 1878, 1889, 1900, 1925 and 1937, Chicago 1893, 1933, New York 1939 and 1964, Montreal 1967, to cite but a few. These events launched many new products, art forms, and in many cases permanently changed the appearance of their host cities. 

Tutor Information

Mike Hope

Mike Hope

Author, lecturer, curator and designer spent over twenty-five years lecturing and holding senior management posts in four universities (Staffordshire, Portsmouth, Nottingham Trent and Plymouth) and has spent nearly thirty years delivering Summer School Programmes. He has lectured around the world and was a founder board member of The European Academy of Design. Alongside an extensive publication list, he has researched, designed and curated many exhibitions. He is a lecturer for Travel Editions Art & History Abroad programme.

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