Coast and Country: Artists' Colonies & Retreats with Dr Jan. D. Cox - Denmark

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Course: Coast and Country: Artists' Colonies & Retreats with Dr Jan. D. Cox - Denmark
Start Date: 16th August 2018
Start Time: 9.30am
End Time: 4.00pm
Fee: £54.00 What's included?

This group of day courses, which will appeal to anyone who has an interest in art, will look at how artists escaped from the big cities and took refuge in the country or by the coast. Artists’ colonies flourished in the nineteenth and early twentieth century in many countries across Europe, and we will concentrate on Britain, France and Denmark. Featured artists will include: Camille Corot, Walter Osborne, Ben Nicholson, Gauguin, Van Gogh, P. S. Krøyer, Michael and Anna Ancher, Stanhope Forbes, Philip Wilson Steer, Eric Ravilious, Vanessa Bell.

Colonies and Retreats: Denmark (Skagen)
The first artist arrived in Skagen at the very tip of Denmark in 1833, but its real heyday was the 1880s, when P. S. Krøyer, Christian Krohg, Eilif Peterssen, Anna and Michael Ancher, and Laurits Tuxen all painted there. Arrivals from Britain included Adrian and Marianne Stokes, and Thomas Gotch from Newlyn. A very select and talented group, the painters of Skagen produced a collection of pictures that received international recognition, often employing the local inhabitants. They painted not only fishermen, but boats, landscapes, and cottage interiors.

This course is part of Week Two of the Dillington Summer School. Residents arrive for Tea on Sunday 12 August and depart after breakfast on Saturday 18 August.   

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Perfect venue and all accommodation and food was excellent. Thank you very much - I have recommended you to other colleagues within our company for future events. Sue Burton Wiltshire & Somerset Colleges Partnership Wiltshire & Somerset Colleges Partnership