Aftermath – The Rise of the Dictators

Course: Aftermath – The Rise of the Dictators
Tutor: Mike Shaw
Start Date: 21st May 2019
Start Time: 09.45am
End Time: 4.00pm
Fee: £55.00 What's included?

This standalone day course considers the rise of the inter-war dictatorships as a result of the flaws of the Versailles settlement. Both Italy and Japan felt that they had been denied their rightful spoils of war and thus were nationalistic right-wing dictators born intent of imperial expansion.

After Bolshevik victory in Russia and Lenin’s death in 1924 Stalin had seized power intent on biding his time for world revolution and setting a course of enforced industrialisation.
In Germany the tentative economic recovery under the Weimar Republic was extinguished as the loss of confidence resulting from the Wall Street crash spread like a contagion across the Atlantic. In the polarised struggle for power that followed ultimately National Socialism- a unique model of Right-wing centralisation with recourse to an invented Teutonic mythology - captured the German Zeitgeist.

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Mike Shaw

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Mike Shaw was a regular soldier for over 30 years and has been a keen historian all his life. As an ex-senior officer he has an insider's view on how both Whitehall and the military make their decisions. He is an expert on how technology and tactics interact - more importantly however, is the way he tells the story!

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