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If you have an enquiring mind and a passion for learning, our series of public lectures and talks provides the perfect stimulation.

For well over a decade, Dillington House has run a programme of Sunday-afternoon lectures covering a wide range of subjects. The quality of our speakers is exceptional, matched only by the standard of our surroundings: our buildings are steeped in history, and our grounds set amid a panorama of picturesque charm.

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Public lectures and talks: a taste of what to expect

Kate Adie

Kate Adie

"For such a peaceful place, with gracious buildings and landscape, Dillington is deceptive. You think you've come to a sleepy rural idyll, with gentle dim sheep grazing the neat lawns. But inside, it's all talk and ideas, enquiring minds and lively discussion. History, art, literature, music - whatever quickens the spirit and sharpens the mind: right here in Somerset."

Previous speakers at our public lectures and talks include:
Germaine Greer, Sir Roy Strong, Kate Adie, Rosie Boycott, Dr David Starkey, Claire Tomalin, Fay Weldon, Lucinda Lampton, Tristram Hunt, Michael Mansfield QC, Fred Dibnah, Professor Ronald Hutton, Dame Margaret Drabble, Brian Sewell, Sir John Keegan, George Melly, Michael Fish, Adrian Tinniswood, Gijs van Hensbergen, Claire Fox, Jonathan Meades, the late Professor Richard Holmes, Michael Wood, Professor Mike Parker-Pearson, Professor Christopher Tilley and Sir Michael Holroyd, the late Professor Mick Aston, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, Bethany Hughes, Phil Grabsky, Professor Jim Al-Khalili, John Julius Norwich