April Max Showers

After a relatively dry winter and a glorious couple of warm weeks at the end of March, April has delivered the much needed water to the gardens, rivers and reservoirs.  It feels unseasonably wet with seemingly no let up in the rain for days.  The roads are awash and some puddles are taking on epic proportions.  This is when my clapped out 4×4 with its high wheelbase comes into its own.  Once or twice the car’s felt like a boat with a convincing bow wave for added dramatic effect.  Of course, plants everywhere are especially grateful as are the trees which are breaking into leaf.  The anti-moss treatment went down on the lawns over two weeks ago and the warmth of the days has already prompted growth skyward.  The gardens at Dillington are all prepared for lift-off and this wet weather is the fuel that’s needed to get things off to a flying start.  Ben James, our Head Gardener, and his hardworking assistants, Chris Tinklin and Adrian Larcombe, will be run ragged in the next few months keeping on top of things and making sure the weeds don’t get the upper hand.  So, with all this wet weather let’s hope it stops soon and the sun prevails on our efforts to put on a real horticultural show for everyone to enjoy.

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