Business is Social and WB has gone digital…

On Wednesday there was another technology conference at Dillington.  The aim of the day was to advance the benefits to business in Devon and Somerset of social media and websites in all of their guises.  As it happens this week is also when my diary has gone digital.  Aided by a weekend purchase (with my own money) of an iPhone and a previous purchase of an iPad (also with my own money!), my old filofax tome has been ditched for the seductive beauty and efficiency of Apple technology about which I knew so little.  Working on my iMac at home (also bought with my own dosh) my diary was typed up on the desktop computer only to be instantaneously transferred to both portable devices.  It’s all a bit magical and clever beyond belief.  In this brave new world – for you need to brave to make the leap – it is going to be strange not having the permanent physical thing.  I have been keeping diaries since the early 1970s although for what purpose beyond knowing where I am supposed to be, I do not know.  Like my address book (aka the Dead Sea Scrolls) with its roll call of names belonging to friends (some forgotten) and colleagues (some deceased!), the physical object lugged about has been so much part of my life to date.  Digitizing everything leaves no physical trace, no prompt for remembrance.  Maybe we have been in the habit of archiving too much in the vain belief that the stuff could be useful.  Like letters replaced by telephone calls and e-mails, we have moved on.  Perhaps we flatter or delude ourselves that someone will be remotely interested in the tittle-tattle of our lives.  Who knows?  So Twitter and Facebook et al are here to stay for the time being in any case.  We clearly need to embrace the new technologies as previous generations had to cope with the telephone, motorcar, wireless and air travel.  Technology has always changed the ways in which we live and think – sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worse.  Already I think it has changed the way we access information and knowledge but somehow I don’t really think humans coming together to talk and share ideas will ever go out of fashion.  Let’s keep up the conversation about all the things which concern us and make for a better world and let the technology help us do that.

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