Easy? You must be joking!

The weekend is about to happen and the early arrivals are sitting in the Hanning Room enjoying a welcome cup of tea and some homemade cake. Tonight we kick off with weekend courses on James Joyce’s Ulysses, Easter Island and Recorders. What a mix! I’ve been trying to think of a link but have drawn a blank. Tomorrow there are day courses on Symbolist painting, fashion and personal styling (entitled ‘Looking Good Feeling Good’) and digital photography. Today we had a large group of educationists in and on Sunday a film crew arrives to make a television programme in the county. This mix of activity is all part of what we do and it keeps us looking in every direction if nothing else.

I’ve just thought of the link. How about ‘nothing is ever simple’? Ulysses is certainly not simple and nor is playing the recorder properly and well. As for Easter Island, the enigmatic heads certainly don’t let go of their secrets easily. The abandonment of the island is thought to be a result of an environmental and human catastrophe brought about by the cutting down of all the trees. Getting to this remote island is not easy and deciphering the archaeological remains intellectually challenging.

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